Tac Wear™USA and Reflex Protect® Join Forces

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Tac Wear™USA is bringing the Reflex Protect® product line into its arsenal of product offerings. "We are incredibly excited to be joining forces with Reflex Protect and becoming a consumer and tactical distributer of the Reflex Protect line of self defense and training products," said Jeff Searcy, President of Tac Wear USA. Tac Wear™USA will be distributor for Reflex Protect® products in Canada and the Southeastern US. "The synergy between our gear and their products is obvious. Both companies are committed and dedicated to serving those who serve by providing them products that are second to none." Matt Schaefer, CEO of Tactical Defense Training, in charge of military/LE and government training on Reflex Protect® products, mirrors the sentiments. "The timing could not be better to bring Tac Wear USA into the mix." For more information, visit their website here

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