Shirt Lock Undergarment Belt
Shirt Lock Undergarment Belt

Shirt Lock Undergarment Belt

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The Shirt Lock undergarment belt is the perfect way to keep your shirts neatly tucked in and looking sharp. Great for military, law enforcement, and other professions where a well-dressed uniform is essential.

Designed to adhere to the fabric of the shirt and pants, the Shirt Lock is made of elastic nylon for a comfortable fit that moves with you, as well as a hook and loop material with 10x the tensile strength of velcro. The belt is adjustable to fit many different sizes. You wrap around your shirt, about 2 inches below your waist. You pull both sides to get it to the right fit, smooth the material of the shirt down, and you are ready to go.

For optimal fit, 40" belts are recommended for waist sizes up to 38"
  • Will fit up to a 38 inch Waist
  • Made in the U.S.A.